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The “hangover cure from heaven” is ladled out daily at our Vietnamese noodle shop that have the “formula” down: “no-frills diner” ambiance, “nice”, “quick” service and “huge bowls” of “delicious”, steaming pho; yes, we “do one thing only, and do it well” – but we don't accept plastic so remember to bring cash.

Pho 75 is located in a strip mall right off Washington Street and you really can’t miss it - there’s a huge yellow banner on the side of the building with “Pho 75” written in red block letters at least six times. It’s where you should go anytime you want a bowl of pho - whether you have a hangover that you’re calling a “24-hour flu” to get out of work, or you forgot to adhere to your one bar rule and ended up taking shots with an old man who swore the Malaysian airplane that disappeared a few years ago was an inside job. It’s the medicine everyone needs.


Additional $0.50 Charged Per Carry-Out, Extra Topping $1.50 (Choose From Topping Choices Or Vegetables On the Right) Jumbo Onions In Vinegar $1.00. Choose From of Beef As Toppings: Eye-Round Steak, Well-Done Brisket, Fat Brisket, Well-Done Flank, Skirt Fl


Take a look at some pictures of our pho dishes.

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